Instant loan in 30 min online

Sometimes it has to be quick, for example, because the dream home is available, but several months’ rent deposit is required. Or because a reminder is already on the table and threatens a seizure and a Credit Checker entry. Or simply because the account is down and every day costs unnecessarily high interest.

Here an instant loan can make sense, with the money immediately comes on the account. But what is it, an instant loan? How can you get cash immediately? And is there even a possibility to immediately transfer money without a Credit Checker? And where do you get money fast? Four ways in the check.

Good Credit markets its regular installment loan

Good Credit markets its regular installment loan

As an instant loan, but also the offers of most online competitors can be described as instant loans because often the customer immediately receives an online advance notice, the application will be processed in a few days and settled the payment.

Overall, most online installment loans can now be called instant loans. The term thus serves above all to differentiate the highly standardized online loans from the classic bank loans in the branch, where the examination could take several days or even weeks.

The first installment loan of modern type is the easyCredit, which was introduced in 2000 and could be applied for online. Because of standardization, the process was largely automated, which not only allows lower interest rates but also an online preliminary decision and fast processing.

But most customers are not just looking for an offer, where they immediately get a commitment, but in which the online loan is paid immediately to the account. It goes without saying that the bank first has to check the information provided by the customer. This means that the customer is largely in control of how quickly the loan is paid out.

Because the sooner the complete documents are with the bank, the faster the loan will be paid out. But no bank can immediately pay an online loan on the account. She can do that on the same day. And if she does that before 11 o’clock, then it could be that the money is already in the afternoon on the account. But not in the same breath as with the loan application.

Immediately to the bank without Credit Checker – Realistic?

Immediately to the bank without Credit Checker - Realistic?

A provider of loans without a Credit Checker is Good Credit. Since the company is based in Switzerland, it does not work with Credit Checker, as do banks in Germany. The Swiss banking community does not have a system like the Credit Checker, so it is basically possible to get money directly on the account without a Credit Checker, as long as the term “immediately” is not taken literally.

For here, too, first, the information of the customer must be checked. However, the Swiss intermediary works very fast and in practice, one can say with a clear conscience that the provider will live up to his promise to put money directly into the bank account without Credit Checker. However, only on one condition: The credit rating must be reasonably correct. Otherwise, there is no chance to get an online loan immediately on the account.

To be fair, it must be said at this point that Good Credit pays very quickly loans. Within a few days the money – if the credit has been approved – is visible in the account.

Call-off loan immediately on the account

Call-off loan immediately on the account

This credit must be applied only once, then money can be withdrawn at any time. This is as fast as transfers from the money market account. The money is requested by phone or online and then immediately transferred to the current account. At the latest on the next banking day, the money is available, sometimes even at the same (if the payment is made in the morning online). The prerequisite is, of course, that the credit limit has already been granted, whose application takes as long as the installment loan.

Thus, the call credit is almost as flexible as a Dispo but much cheaper. But as with the account overdraft here too there is the danger to spend too lightly money. Those who distrust this point should rather stick to the installment loan. Compared to the Dispo is the call credit but in any case, the better solution, as well as the Stiftung Warentest confirmed.

Bad paying loans: Global quote and info.

Hope to get a loan if you are Bad Payers

Hope to get a loan if you are Bad Payers

Before granting a loan, the Bank assesses the financial reliability of each client.

For this reason, in case you have been reported in Global as a bad payer, the possibility that a Financial Institution recognizes you as a personal loan is very remote.

But don’t worry, there is a solution : your paycheck or your pension can make the difference.

For many years Lite lender has been dealing with solving the problems of bad paying customers who have difficulty obtaining a loan from credit institutions.

Lite lender company provides fast loans at optimal conditions, accessible to the employee (private, public, state) and to the pensioner: we also have useful resources to offer free advice, like our Blog and our Forum.D

What is the Bad Payers loan for?

What is the Bad Payers loan for?

If you are considered a Bad Payer it is possible that your financial situation is not peaceful.

Probably, though, it’s not even your fault: failure to pay an installment is enough because of an oversight to get a bad payer report in the Data Banks.

Our financing solutions can be used to obtain the liquidity you need but also to consolidate your debts, pay off an ongoing repossession or settle a non-performing loan through a settlement agreement.

How to get the loan for Bad Payers

How to get the loan for Bad Payers

Those who are registered in the register of Bad Payers must resign themselves to the idea that no loan will be granted to them? Absolutely not!

The Cession of the Fifth is the right solution because it does not require the assessment of solvency.

Let’s see how it works. To request the Fifth Assignment it is sufficient that you have a fixed salary or a pension on which the installment will be charged.

The guarantee that allows to avoid the problem of reporting in Global simply consists in withholding the amount of the loan installment directly from the income of the applicant.

This is also a very convenient solution for the debtor, who does not have to worry about repaying the installment to the credit institution every month : in fact, the employer himself will have to take care of it, withholding a share of the salary and paying it directly to the Bank.

Why is the Cession the solution for Bad Payers?

Why is the Cession the solution for Bad Payers?

Since the Employer or the Pension Authority retains the fee in order to reimburse the Financial Institution, the latter will not be interested in the debtor’s credit history.

The Financial Institution will therefore accept the loan despite the negative registration in the Credit Information System.

Precisely for the reasons just mentioned, the Assignment of the Fifth is a simple guarantee that offers you undoubted advantages but that also represents the only possibility of financing for the workers or for the pensioners who have been included in the Register of Bad Payers.

For the same reasons you can use the Assignment of the Fifth even if you want to consolidate an existing loan, perhaps in doubt, in order to heal the debt position and to obtain additional liquidity at advantageous rates.

Who needs the Bad Payers loan?

Who needs the Bad Payers loan?

The loan for the Bad Payers is terminative for Employees and for Pensioners who are included in the Global Data Bank, who have been protested or who are paying for an attachment.

We will evaluate your situation on the phone free of charge and offer you the solution that best suits your needs.

How much can you request with the Bad Payers loan?

How much can you request with the Bad Payers loan?

To apply for a loan with Prida Cash lender you must respect two fundamental rules.

  1. The salary or pension portion cannot exceed the amount of one fifth of the salary (20%) and the installments can reach a maximum of 120 (10 years).
  2. Furthermore, if you are an employee, the loan repayment plan cannot be extended beyond the retirement date.

The only exceptions are public and state employees who may decide to transfer the fifth assignment to the pension they will receive.

All other employees in choosing the duration of the loan must respect the retirement date.

Differences between registration in the Register of Bad Payers and in the Register of Protests

Differences between registration in the Register of Bad Payers and in the Register of Protests

By protest we mean a deed with which a notary, a bailiff or a municipal secretary declares the non-payment of a bill of exchange or a check.

Therefore the protest cannot derive from the missed or delayed payment of the installment of a loan.

This non-fulfillment can only entail the registration in Global.

To protect all third parties that may have economic relations with the protestor, the protest is public: the person who has shown himself to be an insolvent debtor is included in the Computer Protest Register.

The registration in the Bad Payers Register (often improperly indicated as Global), on the other hand, may be due to the failed or delayed payment of a loan installment.

People often think, wrongly, that protest and Global registration are the same thing, when in reality it can be said that the protest is, in principle, more serious.

What does not change, however, are the consequences that these two acts entail: the mistrust of banks in granting loans unless it is possible to provide additional guarantees such as happens with the sale of the fifth.

How does your bank set the interest rate on your credit?

As an individual looking to finance one of his projects it is always difficult to navigate the jungle of bank offers. This guide aims to shed light on this sensitive subject of interest rates.

A priori complex at first sight, the determination of the rate is based on more or less simple factors, more or less subjective and more or less subject to variation.

The credit risk factor

The credit risk factor

To begin your banker will try to appreciate the risk that it will take by lending you money, because from the moment it lends you a sum of money it mobilizes this sum in its balance sheet and if for some reason you do not repay that would show a loss in its balance sheet, this is not the purpose … to avoid that it will seek to assess your personal and professional situation with respect to credit risk. Your goal will be to reassure the bank about your creditworthiness and the stability of your situation.

The higher the risk, the higher the rate will be, it’s pure financial logic, in fact it is you who pay the insurance premium that will allow the bank to be assured of repayment of the loan.

For example, the more you have outstanding loans, the higher your debt is, the more risks that will weigh on your application for funding. On the other hand, the higher your contribution, the less the share of capital borrowed will be important in your project, and the more reassuring it will be for the bank, so less risk.

There are also factors intrinsic to the financing, if you ask for a credit over a long period, for example 72 months for a consumer credit or 30 years for a mortgage then the probability that there will be payment incidents during these periods is high, it is logical especially in the current period of economic instability.

To manage these credit risks and evaluate them, the bank has a rate risk tool or, more generally, asset / liability or GAP management tools that measure the variations in your income over a given period, the more there is. The more variation your file will be risky the higher the rate will be until refusal if your file is out of the ordinary.

The cost of capital

The cost of capital

Beyond the financing of the risk that represents your loan, the banker must also finance the expenses inherent in the treatment and the follow-up of your loan thus and it is a very important part the cost of the capital that it puts at your disposal.

Today we are in a period of low interest rates because the DLB (Demo Lender Bank) provides banks with low-cost liquidity through lending facilities because the crisis that lasts the interbank market is not more as a provider of liquidity than it was. To give you an idea, the rate currently applied by the DLB is 0.05% / year on this type of loan.

Rates by type of credit

Rates by type of credit

To conclude on this lighting, it should be known that for consumer credit which includes the credit car / motorcycle, work credits the rates are fixed by scale according to the amount borrowed and the duration of repayment and given the rate level of this type of credit they are identical for all the files.

If your file comes out of the risk profile required by the bank is the immediate refusal. On the other hand, for real estate loans, there are also scales, but the credit risk factor is taken into account to finalize the loan offer.

The most important information about the lender

The Best loan company belongs to the new finance Group, which grants loans online in 17 countries. In its activities, the company is based on three pillars: satisfaction – by providing an individual approach to the customer, transparency – through openness in customer service and flexibility – to adapt its services to the changing needs of customers. Best mainly grants installment loans for a maximum period of 36 months.

The most important information

credit loan cash money

– Loan amount – from 1000 to 15 000 USD (for new and regular customers),
– Loan granting period – 3 months to 3 years (36 months),
– Free first loan – NO,
– Checked databases – BIK, KRD, ERIF Register of Debtors, National Bureau of Economic Information.

Who can take advantage of the Best loan – the offer

Who can take advantage of the Best loan - the offer

Obtaining a loan depends on the specific requirements indicated by Best. The offer is directed to people who meet the following criteria:

  • age in the range 21 to 75 years old,
  • possession of Polish citizenship and a valid ID card,
  • having a registered address and residence in Poland,
  • having a bank account with electronic banking,
  • having a mobile number and email address,
  • having creditworthiness,
  • no entries in the register of debtors.

In order to determine whether a given customer meets the requirements for obtaining a loan, Best checks the following databases :

  • BIK
  • KRD,
  • ERIF Register of Debtors,
  • National Bureau of Economic Information.

How to get the money?

credit loan cash money

Determining the loan amount – the first step to getting a Best loan is to specify the amount you are interested in and the period for which you want to make a commitment. The calculator available on the website clearly shows how much the installment will be as well as the total amount to be paid. It will also allow you to familiarize yourself with the additional fees.

Filling out the registration form – after specifying the loan amount, you are automatically directed to the registration form. Registration does not differ significantly from those of other loan companies. When filling out the form, we will be asked to provide personal data, including a PESEL number.

Submission of the application – after completing the registration form, it is possible to log in to the Customer Profile, in which you must complete the data regarding the address of residence and income obtained.

Identity verification – Best offers three options for confirming your identity: transfer via Blue Media, Instantor and 1gr transfer to one of the lender’s accounts:

Decision – correct passage of the above steps result in a loan decision. Usually it does not take more than a dozen or so minutes, however, the condition for keeping this time is submitting the application during BOK’s working hours. Notification of the decision to grant the loan is sent by SMS to the phone number provided during registration.

Loan disbursement – funds are transferred to the account within a dozen or so minutes of obtaining the decision to grant the loan.

Best – offer

As Best grants installment loans, there are no special conditions for new borrowers. However, the decisive advantage of the company is providing high amounts for new customers (up to USD 15,000). The loans offered by Best bear an interest rate of 10%. Additional costs include a commission,

Example loan
– 4000 USD
– 17 months
The total cost of the loan
– USD 3006.61
The total amount to be paid
– 7006.61 USD
Proposed installment for you
– USD 412.21

Delay in loan repayment

Delay in loan repayment

Best offers the option of postponing the loan repayment date by 1 month. However, people who are notoriously late in paying installments and eventually failing to meet their obligations may be charged additional costs. The consequences of loan default are:

  • calculation of interest in the amount of 14% per annum,
  • termination of the loan agreement by the lender in immediate three (need to repay the remaining amount within 1 month),
  • debt collection activities, including reminders, reminders, payment requests (SMS, e-mail, telephone), field debt collection,
  • sale of debt to a debt collection company,
  • refer the case to court and transfer it to a bailiff,
  • transferring data to the BIG debtors register.

Best – opinions

Many users make use of the loans offered by Best. Opinions about the company are largely positive. In our opinion, the company offers an interesting variant of installment loans, which will certainly appeal to all those who can not get a loan from the bank. A definite plus of Best are high loan amounts and a relatively long loan period. As for the disadvantages, it is certainly necessary to indicate here the high age of the borrower (25 years) and the required presentation of an income certificate.

Examples of Lender Annual Interest Rates


Below are examples of quick credit GPLs, provided that the borrower borrows € 100 with a 30 day repayment term and no discounts or loyalty programs.

APRC is the annual percentage rate of charge, the total cost of the credit

APRC is the annual percentage rate of charge, the total cost of the credit

Lender Amount of loan Term of the loan Principal and interest GPL
Manny Personal Loan $ 100 30 days 109.50 € 201.67%
Dedors Credit $ 100 30 days $ 110 218.87%
Vendal Credit $ 100 30 days $ 110 218.87%
DATCredit $ 100 30 days $ 110 218.87%
Gederlon Credit $ 100 30 days $ 110 218.87%
Jonny Loan $ 100 30 days $ 110 218.87%
Cara Loan $ 100 30 days $ 110 218.87%
Bedolas Credit $ 100 30 days 112.50 € 319.59%
Heidie Loan $ 100 30 days 114.75 € 433.32%
Credit 56 Loan $ 100 30 days $ 120 819.12%
Lovern Loan $ 100 30 days $ 120 819.12%
Gerly Loan $ 100 30 days 127.50 € 1821.08%


money cash

They are expressed as an annual percentage of the total amount of the loan, including the credit granting commission, excluding any total cost of the credit to be paid by the credit company for any default under the credit agreement, calculated in accordance with Cabinet of Ministers Regulations as set forth in the Special Terms.

There are several tips on how to buy a car spare part at a reasonable price with just a little investment of your time, as you might try to sell a car for 5 euros at a car parts shop, but at a premium of 500% of the true price.

An example of an annual interest rate calculation is

money coins

Credit amount: € 100.00, Credit fee: € 10.00, Registration fee: € 0.01, Credit term: 30 days. GPL = 219.2%. The total amount to be paid on the loan repayment term is 110.01 €. The website lists the exact annual interest rates for each loan amount

What is interest?

This can be imagined is a simple question that everyone should know the answer to but unfortunately it is not at all. Many people, for example, who have been in financial trouble, simply have too little control over what interest rates are. Therefore, it is time for me to review this word.

What interest rates are and other things that you really need to know should be what the schools teach, but unfortunately it seems to be bad on that front. Personal finance should be one of the most important things to teach at secondary school / high school. Learning to play drums (really hated it) or some more advanced math, for example, is something very few people will have any use for in the future. Without doing a more thorough investigation, I feel pretty confident that significantly more in the past month have paid a bill than the number who have played drums.

It should be a great basis in school to teach what to think about in our everyday lives. Maybe the schools have gotten better since I left the system, but for them to be good I find it hard to believe as many young people end up in big problems.

Interest is the price that someone pays when borrowing money

money cash

If you deposit money into a savings account, it is the bank that borrows money from you and thus you get paid in the form of the interest they pay. On the contrary, if you borrow money from a lender. The most common is that you talk about annual interest, which is the interest you have to pay per year, but there is nothing that says it must be so.

Say you borrow SEK 10,000 from someone and you decide that the interest rate should be 10%. This means that you will pay SEK 1,000 in interest as it is one tenth of the loan amount. Should you repay the entire loan at once, it would therefore cost you 10,000 + 1,000 SEK to settle the entire debt.

When you borrow, however, it is common for the repayments to be split up on several occasions and it is then that it becomes a bit more advanced to figure out how much to pay. We take and continue with the example of a loan of SEK 10,000 with 10% in interest and say that you repay this loan on five occasions and that you pay interest each time. To make it easy, we also use straight amortization (always amortizing the same amount).

loan Total Interest Interest in kr Amortization Amount
10 000 kr 10% 1 000 2 000 3 000
8 000 10% 800 2 000 2 800
6 000 10% 600 2 000 2 600
4 000 10% 400 2 000 2 400
2 000 10% 200 2 000 2 200
0   3 000 10 000 13 000

In our example with the loan, it would therefore cost SEK 3,000 to borrow this amount. Then, of course, this was a very simple example to show how it works. If you take out a mortgage loan, for example, it may be repaid over 50 years and the borrower pays every three or every month. We are therefore talking about between 200 and 600 repayments on the loan, which would make the example much more difficult to print.


Don’t just check interest rates

money cash

It’s not really that simple that you can just check the interest rate that the lender says they charge for the loan. This is because several other costs can also be incurred for a loan such as a management fee, a setup fee etc.

If the loan has no other costs, the interest rate they print will also be what it will cost you. But if there are other costs as well, something called effective interest rates is a good way for you to find out what the loan really costs. The usual interest rate that the lenders write up is called nominal interest rate and is only what they charge extra for the loan. Lenders want to make a profit when they lend money and it is only through interest that they are allowed to withdraw this profit. Planning fees or other fees may only be used to cover the actual costs they incur for them.

Effective interest rate

Effective interest rates are a good measure as the lenders here must take into account all costs associated with the loan. In other words, nominal interest rates, fees, etc., and then this is presented in a percentage figure on an annual basis. So if you have a private loan of SEK 100,000 and that has an effective interest rate of 8%, you have to pay SEK 8,000 for the loan itself in the first year (now we do not expect you to repay during the time to make it easy). The loan could have a nominal interest rate of 7%, which would mean that you have 1% in other costs.

Just keep in mind that effective interest rates are calculated on an annual basis, which is why strange results can be obtained for loans that do not have a maturity of one year but a shorter period of time. Therefore, you cannot directly compare a micro loan of 3 months with a private loan of 1 year when it comes to effective interest rates. Effective interest rates should only be used to compare similar loans.

Variable and fixed interest rates

money cash

These are two simple but important concepts to understand when it comes to interest. Fixed interest rates mean that you and the other party decide that for a certain period of time a certain interest rate applies. This is then fixed during the period regardless of what happens. It is usually with fixed interest rates, for example, for mortgages where it is possible to fix the interest rate for 1 – 10 years with most lenders. It is normally only for mortgage loans that this is something that you should consider.

Variable interest rates are governed by the market interest rate or any index. This means that the interest rate can change with fairly short notice and can then both go up and down.

Advantages and disadvantages

The risk is greater with variable interest rates since it can go up but at the same time it is probably the cheapest too. Historically, variable interest rates have been cheaper. Then there may be times when it fits with fixed interest rates for everyone.

Another good rule of thumb might be that if you have good margins in the economy, it is better to have variable interest rates when you can save money. If you have smaller margins, it is not worth the risk that the interest rate goes up so much that you cannot afford your payments and then it is better to take the “safe” alternative in the form of fixed interest rates, although it probably costs a little more.

There is more

money cash

Of course, there are more advanced things that concern interest, but this is something you don’t normally have to worry about directly why we haven’t looked into this in our simple review either. The idea was to make it as easy as possible to understand and then you just have to look at the basics.

It is enough for you who will borrow money to know what it will cost you not exactly why it will cost you X number of kronor.



Borrow with payment notes

Payment notes increase in economic life and make it difficult, if not impossible, to, for example, subscribe, sign a lease and borrow money. However, for the possibility of getting a quick loan, a payment note is not a synonym for rejection. You just have to be prepared to compensate the lender for the increased risk that the note symbolizes, by paying higher interest rates and / or fees.

At new E-Money, however, traditional thinking does not apply. Here it is entirely possible to borrow with a payment note and also not have to pay anything in interest or fees. At E-Money you can borrow up to USD 5000 free of charge if you ensure that the money is in the lender’s account within 14 days . For more in-depth information, see our presentation of E-Money.

A good quick loan if you can pay quickly

A good quick loan if you can pay quickly

The majority of lenders in quick loans apply the same price regardless of when repayments are made. E-Money instead works with a slightly different concept. Here, the person who pays back becomes more quickly rewarded with a lower total cost. The least expensive will be the fast loan if the loan amount is repaid in full within 14 days. In such a case, the loan becomes free of charge.

The arrangement is fairly straightforward. Each fast loan runs with 60 days repayment period (with possibility of extension). E-Money has divided this period into three parts, namely 0-14 days, 15-30 days and 31-60 days. If the payment is made within the first month, the borrower receives a discount. If payment is made during the second month during the term, no discount is received.

We can illustrate the arrangement with a concrete example. We say you want to borrow USD 4000 . The three alternatives will then be as follows.

1. You pay within 14 days and receive 100% discount (free loan)
2. You pay within 15-30 days and receive a discount of USD 560 (41.18%)
3. You pay during the second month on the loan period and pay full price (the loan cost becomes USD 1360).

One way to make both borrowers and lenders happy

One way to make both borrowers and lenders happy

Why has E-Money chosen this concept? Is there any other reason than simply being able to make customers more satisfied and thus gain a competitive advantage? There is another reason, and it is that faster repayment gives a faster turnover on the lenders’ capital.

E-Money is not a fast loan company in the real sense, but a broker of loans between private individuals. The money that the borrowers get paid is simply made up of deposits from private individuals. The more often the lenders’ money can come to work, the greater the return and the more capital E-Money (via the sister brand Savelend) can attract.

More about E-Money’s business


E-Money is part of Savelend Sweden AB, which is one of the pioneers in loans between private individuals, or peer-to-peer with another designation. At the beginning of 2017, deposit and lending operations were streamlined in separate brands.

E-Money is the brand for the loan brokerage and it is on the pages of this brand that you who need to borrow submit your application. The private individuals who are responsible for the capital that E-Money raises instead have Savelend as the counterparty.

Mortgages – We explain mortgages and compare interest rates

The mortgage loan is by far the largest part of a mortgage loan. If you are buying a house or apartment that has received a good valuation, it can be so good that you get a mortgage that covers 85% of the total loan amount. It is a great advantage to get a mortgage loan that covers large parts of the loan as this is a loan that has collateral

Mortgages – Loans with collateral

money cash

The fact that the mortgage is a secured loan means that you, as a borrower, offer the lender something that they can demand as payment if you are unable to repay the loan you are going to. When you buy a house, apartment or other accommodation, it is almost always the accommodation that is the security of the loan.


Since the bank can feel confident that they will always get back the money they have lent out, they can also set a lower interest rate on a loan with collateral. Therefore, you will be happy the greater part of the mortgage loan, which is a mortgage loan when it is clearly cheaper. The disadvantage is, as I said, that they can demand collateral as payment for the loan. Which in principle can mean that you become homeless if the repayments are not handled properly.

How a mortgage loan is divided

money cash

A mortgage loan can be divided into several different parts that have different bonding times. This is something that you must consider when taking out your mortgage. If you think it is advantageous to have a certain type of, you should invest in that particular type. For example, the loan may be split up so that two-thirds have their own bonding time compared to the last third. In general, it can be said that historically it has been cheaper with variable interest rates. However, you must then have an economy that can cope with changes in the business cycle in a good way. If you do not have such a strong economy, the security of a bond loan can be good even if the total cost is higher.

Amortization time on a mortgage loan

money cash

A mortgage loan is a loan you can have for a very long time if you wish. The less the cost per month, the longer you have the loan. A mortgage loan can often be up to 50 years. Here, of course, it plays into how old the applicant is. Then if you suddenly get better financially, you can of course when you want to repay your mortgage. However, if you have tied up the loan for a number of years you will have to pay something called interest rate compensation. It is only if you have a floating loan that you can repay at no extra cost.