Examples of Lender Annual Interest Rates

  Below are examples of quick credit GPLs, provided that the borrower borrows € 100 with a 30 day repayment term and no discounts or loyalty programs. APRC is the annual percentage rate of charge, the total cost of the credit Lender Amount of loan Term of the loan Principal and interest GPL Manny Personal […]

What is interest?

This can be imagined is a simple question that everyone should know the answer to but unfortunately it is not at all. Many people, for example, who have been in financial trouble, simply have too little control over what interest rates are. Therefore, it is time for me to review this word. What interest rates […]

Borrow with payment notes

Payment notes increase in economic life and make it difficult, if not impossible, to, for example, subscribe, sign a lease and borrow money. However, for the possibility of getting a quick loan, a payment note is not a synonym for rejection. You just have to be prepared to compensate the lender for the increased risk […]