Sometimes it has to be quick, for example, because the dream home is available, but several months’ rent deposit is required. Or because a reminder is already on the table and threatens a seizure and a Credit Checker entry. Or simply because the account is down and every day costs unnecessarily high interest.

Here an instant loan can make sense, with the money immediately comes on the account. But what is it, an instant loan? How can you get cash immediately? And is there even a possibility to immediately transfer money without a Credit Checker? And where do you get money fast? Four ways in the check.

Good Credit markets its regular installment loan

Good Credit markets its regular installment loan

As an instant loan, but also the offers of most online competitors can be described as instant loans because often the customer immediately receives an online advance notice, the application will be processed in a few days and settled the payment.

Overall, most online installment loans can now be called instant loans. The term thus serves above all to differentiate the highly standardized online loans from the classic bank loans in the branch, where the examination could take several days or even weeks.

The first installment loan of modern type is the easyCredit, which was introduced in 2000 and could be applied for online. Because of standardization, the process was largely automated, which not only allows lower interest rates but also an online preliminary decision and fast processing.

But most customers are not just looking for an offer, where they immediately get a commitment, but in which the online loan is paid immediately to the account. It goes without saying that the bank first has to check the information provided by the customer. This means that the customer is largely in control of how quickly the loan is paid out.

Because the sooner the complete documents are with the bank, the faster the loan will be paid out. But no bank can immediately pay an online loan on the account. She can do that on the same day. And if she does that before 11 o’clock, then it could be that the money is already in the afternoon on the account. But not in the same breath as with the loan application.

Immediately to the bank without Credit Checker – Realistic?

Immediately to the bank without Credit Checker - Realistic?

A provider of loans without a Credit Checker is Good Credit. Since the company is based in Switzerland, it does not work with Credit Checker, as do banks in Germany. The Swiss banking community does not have a system like the Credit Checker, so it is basically possible to get money directly on the account without a Credit Checker, as long as the term “immediately” is not taken literally.

For here, too, first, the information of the customer must be checked. However, the Swiss intermediary works very fast and in practice, one can say with a clear conscience that the provider will live up to his promise to put money directly into the bank account without Credit Checker. However, only on one condition: The credit rating must be reasonably correct. Otherwise, there is no chance to get an online loan immediately on the account.

To be fair, it must be said at this point that Good Credit pays very quickly loans. Within a few days the money – if the credit has been approved – is visible in the account.

Call-off loan immediately on the account

Call-off loan immediately on the account

This credit must be applied only once, then money can be withdrawn at any time. This is as fast as transfers from the money market account. The money is requested by phone or online and then immediately transferred to the current account. At the latest on the next banking day, the money is available, sometimes even at the same (if the payment is made in the morning online). The prerequisite is, of course, that the credit limit has already been granted, whose application takes as long as the installment loan.

Thus, the call credit is almost as flexible as a Dispo but much cheaper. But as with the account overdraft here too there is the danger to spend too lightly money. Those who distrust this point should rather stick to the installment loan. Compared to the Dispo is the call credit but in any case, the better solution, as well as the Stiftung Warentest confirmed.