The Best loan company belongs to the new finance Group, which grants loans online in 17 countries. In its activities, the company is based on three pillars: satisfaction – by providing an individual approach to the customer, transparency – through openness in customer service and flexibility – to adapt its services to the changing needs of customers. Best mainly grants installment loans for a maximum period of 36 months.

The most important information

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– Loan amount – from 1000 to 15 000 USD (for new and regular customers),
– Loan granting period – 3 months to 3 years (36 months),
– Free first loan – NO,
– Checked databases – BIK, KRD, ERIF Register of Debtors, National Bureau of Economic Information.

Who can take advantage of the Best loan – the offer

Who can take advantage of the Best loan - the offer

Obtaining a loan depends on the specific requirements indicated by Best. The offer is directed to people who meet the following criteria:

  • age in the range 21 to 75 years old,
  • possession of Polish citizenship and a valid ID card,
  • having a registered address and residence in Poland,
  • having a bank account with electronic banking,
  • having a mobile number and email address,
  • having creditworthiness,
  • no entries in the register of debtors.

In order to determine whether a given customer meets the requirements for obtaining a loan, Best checks the following databases :

  • BIK
  • KRD,
  • ERIF Register of Debtors,
  • National Bureau of Economic Information.

How to get the money?

credit loan cash money

Determining the loan amount – the first step to getting a Best loan is to specify the amount you are interested in and the period for which you want to make a commitment. The calculator available on the website clearly shows how much the installment will be as well as the total amount to be paid. It will also allow you to familiarize yourself with the additional fees.

Filling out the registration form – after specifying the loan amount, you are automatically directed to the registration form. Registration does not differ significantly from those of other loan companies. When filling out the form, we will be asked to provide personal data, including a PESEL number.

Submission of the application – after completing the registration form, it is possible to log in to the Customer Profile, in which you must complete the data regarding the address of residence and income obtained.

Identity verification – Best offers three options for confirming your identity: transfer via Blue Media, Instantor and 1gr transfer to one of the lender’s accounts:

Decision – correct passage of the above steps result in a loan decision. Usually it does not take more than a dozen or so minutes, however, the condition for keeping this time is submitting the application during BOK’s working hours. Notification of the decision to grant the loan is sent by SMS to the phone number provided during registration.

Loan disbursement – funds are transferred to the account within a dozen or so minutes of obtaining the decision to grant the loan.

Best – offer

As Best grants installment loans, there are no special conditions for new borrowers. However, the decisive advantage of the company is providing high amounts for new customers (up to USD 15,000). The loans offered by Best bear an interest rate of 10%. Additional costs include a commission,

Example loan
– 4000 USD
– 17 months
The total cost of the loan
– USD 3006.61
The total amount to be paid
– 7006.61 USD
Proposed installment for you
– USD 412.21

Delay in loan repayment

Delay in loan repayment

Best offers the option of postponing the loan repayment date by 1 month. However, people who are notoriously late in paying installments and eventually failing to meet their obligations may be charged additional costs. The consequences of loan default are:

  • calculation of interest in the amount of 14% per annum,
  • termination of the loan agreement by the lender in immediate three (need to repay the remaining amount within 1 month),
  • debt collection activities, including reminders, reminders, payment requests (SMS, e-mail, telephone), field debt collection,
  • sale of debt to a debt collection company,
  • refer the case to court and transfer it to a bailiff,
  • transferring data to the BIG debtors register.

Best – opinions

Many users make use of the loans offered by Best. Opinions about the company are largely positive. In our opinion, the company offers an interesting variant of installment loans, which will certainly appeal to all those who can not get a loan from the bank. A definite plus of Best are high loan amounts and a relatively long loan period. As for the disadvantages, it is certainly necessary to indicate here the high age of the borrower (25 years) and the required presentation of an income certificate.